¥ 71,508


Victorinox 102.283 Bamix Mono, Silver [並行輸入品]


¥ 174,209


Victorinox 105.049 12000 RPM Bamix-Superbox M150 Hand Mixer, Silver [並行輸入品]


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詳細ハンドミキサー - by 真田アサミ

説明Bamix has pioneered the way as one of the best multi-purpose and convenient tools for the kitchen. Most commonly found in the kitchens of gourmet chefs and professionals, it is considered the most eli ... - by 田中敦子

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詳細キッチンツールアメリカから発送になりますので、お届けまで2,3週間となります。お問い合わせ受付ます。 - by 谷育子

説明The Bamix is the original hand mixer, blender, and food processor engineered and made by the Swiss since 1954. With a quiet, but powerful AC motor, the Bamix is versatile enough to puree soups, turn f ... - by 小野健一

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同様の商品をご覧になりませんか?こちらのリンクで参照ください。hand mixer - by 千葉紗子